Pendulum putting company
Pendulum putting company
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  • Each section of the club is measured to fit. 
  • A putter head design for the pendulum swing. 
  • Grips that are soft to the touch yet firm for consistent play.
  • Experience the value of having three putters in one club.

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Pictures below show the putter heads we have designed for the pendulum putting swing and the putter parts the make up the three in one putter. The primary option is "the three in one putter" that comes in two alternatives. 1.) A short (Hand) putter that has extenders for the belly and chest putter along with a cap to be used with each unit. They combine together to form the long putter. 2.) A short (Hand) putter with two separate extenders one for the belly unit and one for the chest unit. The cap is used to finish off the Hand putter.
One may choose to purchase only the short (Hand) putter or a belly putter as a separate unit with no extenders or cap. You may also choose a short putter that comes with just the chest extender. This allows you  to easily store the chest putter in your golf bag. Again measurements for each unit are required.

Give us a call or e-mail us and we will get started on your new three in one putter experience.
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Measurement Documents:
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Hand, Belly, and Chest Putters from Larman Associates

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​The game of golf is a major sporting activity in America and around the world.   Golfing is a game you learn to love and have to work at to make enjoyable. Over fifty percent of the game can be attributed to putting and the unique way it is practiced. This is where "the three in one putter" comes into play. A long, belly and short putter coupled together into one unit, that is easy to assemble or take apart, is designed to make your putter game improve. 

Measuring 1 and Measuring 2give you the tools to fit the club to your body. Click on Measuring 2 and print out the putter head to lay before you. Then follow  the instructions in Measuring 1 to measure the three segments of the club to fit your height and build. Once you have completed the measurements e-mail them to us and we will assemble "the three in one putter" and ship it off to you.